Pause Festival

  • Poster, 2018

    Pause festival 01
  • Logo

    Pause festival 02
  • The French Horn-Turkey, 2019

    Pause festival 03
  • The Chicken-Piano, 2018

    Pause festival 04
  • The Horse-Harp, 2020

    Pause festival 05
  • The Bull-Piano, 2017

    Pause festival 06
  • Poster, 2019

    Pause festival 07
  • Poster, 2017

    Pause festival 08

Visual identity and artwork for Pause Festival during 2017-2020.

Pause Festival is a classical music festival in the Andalusian mountains near Ronda, Spain. World class concerts are held under the stars, from the sunset and well into the night, during a week in the fields among the farm animals – reflections on man and nature. Each year a new illustration of a combination of classical instrument and farm animal accompanies and enhances the logo.

A fantastic project containing many different design solutions, from posters to staff clothes and scenography.

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